Trish: Stop Blaming Republicans for Low Vaccine Rates: DEMS Are In Charge!

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It’s a big, hot mess. There are no other ways to describe really what’s happening in our government–and in our economy–right now. Biden’s kicking the Cubans out just as Kamala Harris welcomes migrants from Central America. Yup, she’s out with a brand new five pillar plan, five pillar plan to stop the influx. And what do you know? It includes encouraging these countries, these messed up countries to have more police, more police. Imagine that. You see, for some reason, these leftists know deep down that the police are the number one part of having a civil society. And yet for political reasons, they’re just completely willing to disregard and disrespect them and therefore our country. You know what? If we’re not careful? We’re going to look like Latin America pretty soon, and you know what, the Canadians will be trying to keep us out. Yeah.

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And I’ve got to tell you about these economic numbers while we get a lot to discuss and the insanity of 17 Republican senators siding with the left on a giant spending package that we can’t afford.

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Given the economy these days, given where we are, which is pretty much just a total mess, we got some economic issues that I want to talk to inflation, serious inflation that we’re dealing with, and clearly no desire to keep any of it in check there in Washington, D.C. That’s coming up.

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But first, let’s get back to the border thing, because Cubans whom the administration calls migrants when they try and come here are being turned away.

There were some pretty astounding pictures of some people, 27 Cubans, that were trying to come to this country in a boat and they were turned away. Biden’s turning them away and they’re being sent back to Cuba, where they’re clearly going to be in a whole lot of trouble. And many are risking their lives there because the regime does not tolerate you just trying to leave the country.

It’s all happening as Kamela comes up with a grand plan to fix the migration. Crisis from Latin America to the U.S.. I’m not really sure how interested they are in entirely fixing this, but, you know, I guess it sounds good for her. She says she has a “five pillar plan.” But here’s the thing. This is what you’re not going to believe. This is what astounded me. And this is this is how you know, how hypocritical these politicians really are, because this plan of hers, it focuses mainly on policing. Mm hmm. I mean, the hypocrisy is really, really just off the charts. But I want to get into a little bit of this because it all comes back to policing.

She wants to address economic insecurity. OK, yeah, OK. So people are poor there. So you’re going to address economic insecurity. How do you do that? Well, you go through the list.

She wants to combat corruption. That means better law enforcement.

She wants to promote respect for human rights. Again, law enforcement.

She wants to prevent violence. And literally, she says this strengthen law enforcement. Mm hmm.

Combat sexual violence. again, a law enforcement issue.

So you understand what’s going on? They recognize deep down — they know. That you can’t have a society or an economy. Unless you have safety, right, and that’s where police and law enforcement come into play, I mean, this is just wild the way they’re talking about getting rid of the police and defund the police. And this is such a movement.

I told you in the podcast the other day about the one million dollars that George Soros has donated to a group that seeks to defund the police. (link here, transcript continues below.)


None of this is is good for America. And, I would bet that if you got them in a room alone, they’d admit it. Right? Because here she is with this plan to improve the situation, the economic situation in Latin America so people don’t keep coming here. And what is the big part of the plan? And every single one of these bullets, it’s about strengthening law enforcement, making sure that people are safe. Because if you don’t have safety, how do you have anything else?

Again, hypocrisy, but you know what, we shouldn’t be surprised, we just shouldn’t be surprised. You get Joe Biden out there just a few weeks ago saying doing a little video about it, putting it on Twitter, saying, guess what, ‘you can go without a mask if you’re vaccinated.’ Well, now. That’s all been taken back, apparently now, even if you’ve been vaccinated, you you still have to wear the mask. This is the CDC’s new order. And, you know, Nancy Pelosi’s enforcing it on Capitol Hill. So that’s creating a whole big problem in the Capitol Hill. Police are like, ‘wait a second here. I’m supposed to arrest everybody that doesn’t have a mask on?’

This is just one big giant mess. And it’s no wonder. The reality is people are just not trusting their government here. The government, for that matter, can’t even seem to trust itself: they tell you one thing and then, they tell you another.

So they have no plan. And the only thing that they have done from the get go right from the very, very beginning. And you’ll recall I was the first person to note this. The politicization of covid, how the Democrats were using it.

I’m not disputing that Covid is a real problem. But, I am saying what they have done to manipulate the issue for political reasons is really, really shameful.

Biden Owns This Disaster

And in some ways, when you look at the the low vaccine rates–that’s on him! That’s on Joe Biden! He’s president now. It’s also on the Democrats, his entire party, think about Nancy Pelosi, think about Andrew Cuomo talking about how they they ‘couldn’t trust a vaccine that was coming out under the Trump administration.’ Think about that!

I mean, that is pure politics. And so now they’re like, ‘well, why isn’t everybody getting vaccinated?’

Well, wait a second, guys. YOU said you didn’t trust it. It did come out, by the way, under the Trump administration. So you can understand why people are left in a state of confusion, why people are worried maybe they don’t trust the government in this situation because they keep hearing different things from the government. Right. That is our lawmakers’ fault.

Right now, the single largest group that hasn’t been vaccinated in this country. The African-American population, Latino population, the unvaccinated rates among minorities are quite high, and that’s not good because this was effectively the left’s base and the left was communicating to them when Trump was president that you couldn’t trust the vaccine.

I do a lot of reading, right? And I read everything. The he good, the bad, the ugly. And I read all the scientific studies that I can and then I read all the crazy stuff out there on both sides and everything in between. OK, so I made a decision for myself that I think that that is the right thing to do and I got the vaccine.

But you know what? You need to be able to make that decision yourself.

And does it help when you’ve got the government suppressing the amount of information that you can read and see and hear? Does it help when they’re changing their tune? Depending on how it might politically help or hurt them? NO.

We should just be systematic about these things and, you know, facts are facts and yet everybody kind of wants to manipulate them to serve their own agenda.

And so, so many of these communities right now, they don’t have the covid vaccine are , right? I mean, how hard can it be? Figure it out, Biden. You need to say, ‘ok, I have a problem in certain communities.’ If I, as President,  want to make sure they’re vaccinated, it’s on me.

You look at the numbers of covid cases right now in this country, it is going up and they want to point back to Trump? Wait a second. Joe Biden is the president. Nancy Pelosi is is in charge of the House, I mean, at some point, guys, you got to take responsibility for it, right? This is your problem.

You’ve got to address it and you’ve got to be creative about how you’re going to handle it. I mean, the latest and greatest plan is a 100 dollar bonus that they’re going to give to anyone who gets the covid shot. Hey, you know what? Look, whatever it takes, right?

I guess, you know, putting a little capitalism into the mix, paying people to get it, maybe it will get them to show up. Maybe it will help. Them deal and confront some of their fears, but really when you think about it, this is capitalism and market principle only when it suits Joe Biden right now, he’s willing to do this. He’s telling states to do this and states are looking at it.

You know, look, California is California. Same old, same old thing. They’re right. They’re going into kind of another shutdown mode. They’ve got the mask mandate. Oh, again, except for the hypocrisy, it turns out that the governor’s family, his kids are off at camp in California where the camp doesn’t enforce the mask mandate.

So, again, it seems as though there’s one set of rules for the masses and then there’s a whole nother set of rules for those in charge. And so now Gavin Newsom had to pull his kids out of the camp. It’s a big fiasco there in California. I’ll tell you, Larry Elder, Larry Elder has got a really good chance. I’ve known Larry for a long time. He used to be a guest on my show at Fox. I am now a colleague of his at Salem. And he’s a smart, smart guy who understands that the way to fix things is not to just gripe about it and talk about it and say, oh, it’s inequity, but in fact, to roll up your sleeves and to do something, to change things, to change the policies.

So when I look at these covid vaccination rates and they’re saying it’s a problem, when I look at the increase in in the rates of infection, again, I come back to Joe, this is your issue, OK? You’re the president now, so you’re going to have to figure that out and you’re going to have to stop blaming everyone enough with the blame game.

An Economy That Can’t Support All the Left’s Stimulus

I want to get now to this just terrible economy. I mean, you know, these GDP numbers came out measuring the economic growth we’ve had in the latest quarter and not good.

You know, the president’s trying to say ‘they’re wonderful’ and I appreciate the optimism. We don’t get that a lot from Democrats. So I appreciate the optimism, shall we say.

But it’s really, you know, kind of high to think that these numbers are good when they should be so much better. In fact, economists, not me, not me, because I have been I’ve been recognizing all along what our challenges are. But economists anticipated upwards of eight percent growth. Eight point four percent was really the consensus.

So here we are in the six percent range and and they’re all doing cartwheels there in the White House. ‘Oh, isn’t this great?’

No, it’s not great, because we also had to adjust the latest quarter, the last quarter lower. So we didn’t even grow as much as we thought then.

The reality is this: We are not going growing right now as much as we should because we have policy challenges that are making growth incredibly difficult.

Any growth that you see is basically just the reversal of what we’re in. We had one of the worst recessions, deepest but briefest recessions in history on the books as a result of it. I mean, you shut everything down, everything just boom plummets.

But then everything just opened right up. You know, Larry Summers talked about that. Larry Summers actually said during the middle of covid that he thought it was going to be like, you know, Cape Cod in the winter. And then as soon as summer came along, everything would be back open and, you know, be business as normal. Or you could think of it like Paris in August, right when they shut down Paris and then everything gets back to normal. Well, everything should be way back to normal and then some.

We should be doing so much better if we had the right policies in place. But right now, we’re hindered by higher prices and we’re hindered by the number of people that are not choosing to work because, hey, you know, why go wash dishes when Uncle Joe is going to pay you to sit home on the couch? I mean, I’m sorry. It’s just a reality. People are smart, right? They’re making smart, informed decisions. You can’t expect them to want to go to work when it’s almost as attractive to just stay home. So that has to change. And there are those. Those benefits are set to expire in September. A lot of Republican states have repealed them, not allowed them. And so they’re actually seeing better, better unemployment rates.

If you go down the list, every red state has a better jobs picture, healthier jobs picture than every blue state, every blue state, which is still giving out the handouts…which is just a massive wealth transfer since they’re taxing somebody.

Infrastructure We Can’t Afford

Speaking of all that money, I mean, I want to know where the fiscal conservatives are in the Republican Party. What has happened to the Republican Party, really? Did you see the one point two dollars trillion dollar infrastructure plan that they want to get through?

We can’t afford it! Let me let me point out something, there’s still a trillion dollars in unspent money that has already been approved by Congress for covid relief.

So a trillion dollars that they can’t spend just sitting there on the books. Why not take that money and actually apply it to infrastructure instead of actually commissioning now another trillion dollars from taxpayers? I mean, I guess that would just be too logical, right? And government doesn’t operate like a business. A business would say, ‘OK, we’ve got this money here. It’s doing nothing. Let’s like, you know, we appropriate it and put it over here.’

But they’re not doing that. So instead, we’ve got one point two dollars trillion. Now, you’ve heard me say before, I’m not against infrastructure. There’s things that we should be doing with bridges and roads and airports and things like that, our grid. But that’s not where the money is going. The analysis shows 75 percent of it’s going, all this other stuff. Right. So forget about the grid. There’s a social agenda going on here, too. The head of the National Economic Council was saying we need to rethink infrastructure. In this day and age, it’s kind of social infrastructure and I’m sorry we don’t have the luxury of that, we’re talking about 30 trillion and counting in debt. Is there any plan out of this ever? I don’t think so.

Which is why I keep warning about inflation. I’m shocked that the ten year yield is still so low. You know, one point two, one point three percent. I mean, it’s pretty wild. It’s pretty crazy. I sure as heck wouldn’t want to borrow money for ten years and only get paid one point three percent on it, would you? But you know, that’s artificial, too, because you get the Federal Reserve, which just told us this week it’s going to continue doing this out there, buying buying up bonds in the marketplace, creating a kind of demand, therefore, to suppress and keep down interest rates.

And what does that do in turn? Well, it helps the stock market. So you’re seeing some asset inflation that I expect will continue on. One reason to be invested in this market right now, I mean, and still, you don’t want to be right, because at some point at some point, the chickens come home to roost. And we’ve got to you know, we got deal with this. But in the meantime, you know, the party lives on.

Anyway, I want to thank you again for tuning in, as always. Thank you to all of you. Really. I just have the most wonderful group of people that listen to this podcast and that follow me on these channels and on social media. Go to Trish Intel Dotcom, get the newsletter, subscribe. You can go on your desktop and you’ll see a little thing on the on the right hand side. You can sign up or you can go on your phone and it’ll pop up if you have not subscribe, make sure you do that, because it’s so important right now that we all have a direct line of communication. Thank you again for tuning in. I want to have a wonderful weekend and I am back here, as always, with you on Monday. Have a good one. Live free or die as we say in New Hampshire.


Liberals want to destroy America. Their radical agenda will pack our courts, change the voting laws, and take away our constitutional freedoms. That's why is important to Join My Newsletter and get the news directly from me.

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Liberals want to destroy America. Their radical agenda will pack our courts, change the voting laws, and take away our constitutional freedoms. That's why is important to Join My Newsletter and get the news directly from me.

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