Trish: The Economy is Doing Far Better than Biden Wants You to Think

It seems the left’s political play is to reinvent economic facts. Indeed, there is an effort underway to convince Americans that things are REALLY miserable right now… and that, as such, you need a change in leadership.

But, the truth is: things aren’t quite as bad as the left wants to suggest they are. For example, unemployment is coming down. Indeed, at 7.9%, it’s about half what people thought it would be at this time. Meanwhile, the economy is expected to log its highest growth in history this quarter, with the Atlanta Fed predicting a gain of 33%. Meanwhile, earnings are coming in strong as shown by both Goldman Sachs today, and JP Morgan Chase yesterday. Couple that with the new rise in small businesses optimism and a new poll from Gallop which shows that 56% of the country says it’s better off NOW than four years ago…and, well, things are increasingly seeming rather GOOD.

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God forbid.

Politically, the fact that 56% of the country believes things are better now than they were during the Obam-Biden years? That’s a troublesome figure for the Biden campaign. Apparently, so troublesome that no one bothered to read the former Vice President the headline?

Appearing in an interview with a local television station in Ohio, Biden was asked why people should vote for him given that so many believe they’re better off.

He stumbled in his response asking someone incredulously (while getting the number wrong) “54% of Americans think that they are better off economically today that they were in our administration? Well, their memory is not very good, quite frankly, and in addition to that, we have a president who doesn’t share the values of most Americans.”

Ah…you see? We’re right back to values. That’s all they got. It’s not nothing — Americans would most certainly prefer to vote for the personality AND the policy they like most. But, ultimately, the economy matters.

I remember when the Access Hollywood tape came out in 2016 right before the election… some people assumed the Trump campaign was done. I called a very religious friend of my mine in the South who said this to me, “Trish, I’m not voting to elect my minister. I’m voting for the CEO of the country.”

We’ll see if that sentiment holds this time around because it’s clear, this Administration’s economic policies are working.

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