Trish: This Election is a Simple Choice–Capitalism vs Socialism

The media has voted. Mainstream “journalists” are making their views on the first debate quite clear. And their criticism, as usual, is being leveled at President Trump.

CNN calls the showdown, moderated by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace,  a “hot mess” and a “sh-t show” while others insist it was “devastating for Trump.” The mainstream media is universal in its critique of the President and as such, these “reporters” have crossed a line….effectively joining the Biden campaign.

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I’d recommend they remember the old adage–careful what you wish for.

Economic Crisis Akin to Great Depression Possible

You see, by condemning Trump and pushing for Biden, the mainstream media is effectively condemning capitalism in support of socialism. Without a capitalist in charge of our country, we risk a descent into an economic crisis worse than the Great Depression.

Maybe it’s to be expected by some of these outlets, given their tendency to romance Cuba, Venezuela, and even the former Soviet Union – but the reality is, socialism never ends well. The common theme is that the elites in a socialist nation tend to profit at the expense of the masses. It’s not a prescription for America.

The Election is a Simple Choice: Capitalism or Socialism

Donald Trump may not be as eloquent as many would like…although I’d argue Biden also struggles in the elocution department (his “shut up, man” was a real low point for the former Vice President) but, say what you want, the President endorses a capitalism approach to our economy and has put in place numerous policies to benefit small business and American consumers. Lower taxes and fewer regulations have helped create one of the most prosperous economies in decades. As we confront the horrors of Covid-19, we need to be extremely thoughtful about how we get America back on its feet and we need to focus on our capitalist roots.

I can’t entirely believe it’s come down to this…but, indeed, on November 3, America has a choice; do we choose the path of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandra Cortez, together with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris….or, do we choose Donald Trump capitalism.

Donald Trump has Delivered on Economy and Can Deliver Again

Not to oversimplify this…but, really, it’s pretty simple. America needs a strong economy. America needs to get back to work again. We need a strong economy to fight this thing. And, Donald Trump…for all the chaos….he has delivered on the economy.

The market saw record highs under President Trump while unemployment fell to historic lows. Since the country began reopening, unemployment has plummeted, now down to 8.4% a massive improvement from Spring levels. Meanwhile, the market is regaining ground, manufacturing activity is up, and retail sales have returned to Pre-Covid-19 levels. We still have a long ways to go – but, who’s going to help us get there…the capitalist or the socialist?

The answer, for most people outside of the mainstream media, should be pretty simple.

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