Trump SCORCHES Mitt Romney after Utah Republicans Censure Him

Former President Donald Trump lambasted one of his political rivals this week.

Trump’s comments came after the Utah Weber County GOP censured Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, for his vote to impeach Trump during his presidential term. Romney has faced opposition from his state party since the vote and was even booed at the state’s most recent Republican convention.

“After being loudly booed at the Utah Republican Party Convention, Utah’s Weber County censured RINO Mitt Romney in the strongest of terms,” Trump said in a statement.
“Washington County Republicans also censured Romney in April. He is BAD NEWS for our Country!”

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Romney has stayed firm in his opposition to the president. His struggle is one many moderate Republicans have faced since Trump’s election: support the president and upset the establishment or oppose the president and upset his base.

“You know me as a person who says what he thinks, and I don’t hide the fact that I wasn’t a fan of our last president’s character issues,” Romney said at the convention where he was booed.

Utah Republicans took particular issue with Sen. Romney’s vote to impeach Trump.

“Whereas, at the first impeachment trial, on February 5, 2020, without evidence of a federal crime or misdemeanor and ignoring the unconstitutional House impeachment process, Utah’s junior U.S. Senator Mitt Romney was the lone Republican voting with the Senate Democrats to convict Pres. Trump, becoming the first Senator in 231 years of U.S. presidential history to vote against a President of his own party in an
impeachment trial…” the resolution reads. “The Weber County Republican Convention censures Mitt Romney for his votes to convict President Trump in two U.S. Senate impeachment trials which denied the President due process, allowed falsified evidence, did not provide adequate time for an investigation, and did not follow the U.S. Constitution which states a President may only be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors.”

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