Trump Should Not Give In To Biased Moderators: Voters Want a Plan for a Prosperous America

If Conservatives are to keep the Senate and the White House, there’s much work to be done in the next 30+ days. The President needs to fight back harder than ever against a mainstream media that is working overtime to discredit him and his party.

Biased Moderators

Chris Wallace was a disaster. A registered Democrat, he made his biases quite evident–something that used to be considered a no-no for a journalist. Wallace continually scolded Donald Trump while giving Biden a pass on such important issues including the Democrats’ proposal to pack the courts, as well as the perceived conflict of interest between Biden’s son and the Russians and Ukrainians that allegedly had him on the payroll.

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With the second debate right fast approaching, the President will be facing a liberal moderator, once again. The next moderator, Steve Scully, actually interned for Joe Biden! (In the interest of fairness, can they not find a Republican next time around? Laura Ingraham, I’m confident, would do an excellent job.)

My Message to the President: Do Not Give In To THEIR Narrative

So, my message to the President is: Do not succumb to their taunts. Do not stoop to their level. Do not allow them to make you into something that does not represent conservative values.

It’s an important time. Our nation’s future is at stake. There are two distinctly different paths ahead: capitalism or socialism.

If we chose socialism, the United States as we currently know it will cease to exist. Socialism will send our country into a Great Depression, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1930s. We will lose our edge on the world stage, and surrender our hegemonic power to China. The dollar could cease to be the world’s reserve currency and we’ll struggle with inflationary pressures brought on by our decade-plus of money printing. There will be no growth, no wage increases, and only economic misery. I’m not kidding. Every society that has tried this system…from the former Soviet Union to Cuba, to Venezuela (which may be the most relevant case study in how to ruin an economy in twenty years), all of these countries have failed epically.

As such, the President must be prepared for the mainstream media’s attempt to characterize him–and ANYONE who supports his policies–as racist. In my view, this is about one of the worst things you could ever say about someone…and thus, it must be struck down hard. Really, really, really hard. If he doesn’t, if he allows the left to persist with this narrative, it will cast a cloud over every conservative in America–which is exactly what the left is trying to do.

The reality is: Conservatives believe in equality. Conservatives believe in the opportunity of every American to pursue the American dream. Government is there to help and protect a meritocracy so that every American, whether orange, green, purple, pink, white, black, male, female, Asian, Hispanic…WHATEVER…every American in this country deserves an equal playing field and the equal opportunity to succeed. Period.

End. Of. Story.

The media and the left want to make this election about something else. They want this to be a referendum on Trump. It’s not. It’s about policy. It’s about the future of our economy.

So, President Trump, please don’t take their bait. Take away the media’s ammunition.

All you have to say to Joe Biden is: “Hey, it really IS the economy, stupid.”

I guarantee, he’ll have no answer for that.



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