Tulsi Gabbard Rakes Joe Biden On Afghanistan Strike

President Joe Biden has taken fire consistently since news broke that his drone strike in Afghanistan did not kill a terrorist, but did kill 10 civilians, including several children.

Now, a leading Democratic voice and former presidential candidate is calling him out.

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Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii blasted Biden in an interview on Fox News, arguing that accountability is “critical.”

“The American people deserve honesty,” Gabbard said. “They deserve leaders who lead with integrity and not those who shy away from their own responsibilities to the American people or look for a lower-ranking fall guy to take the hit. The American people deserve strong leadership that looks out for their best interests and the best interests of our country.”

Gabbard went on to affirm the importance of defeating Islamic radical terrorism.

“I want to point out first that anytime there are civilian casualties in war, it is tragic and terrible,” Gabbard said. “War is a terrible thing, and I think it’s important for the American people to understand that Islamist jihadists are continuing to wage war against us. And the Islamist ideology is not the same as the religion of Islam, but this Islamist ideology, which is a political ideology that inspired the terrorist attacks on our country on 9/11 is the greatest threat that we’re facing right now in this country and the world.”

“So as long as these Islamist jihadists are waging war against us, we have to work to defeat them, militarily and ideologically…” Gabbard said.

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