UK House of Lords Considering 6PM Curfew For Men to Help Keep Women Safer at Night

“In the week that Sarah Everard was abducted and, we suppose, killed — because remains have been found in a woodland in Kent — I argue that, at the next opportunity for any Bill that is appropriate, I might put in an amendment to create a curfew for men on the streets after 6pm,” said Baroness Evans of the Green Party in the British House of Lords on Thursday.

Immediate was the reaction from other UK politicians:

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“Just in case you thought I was exaggerating when I call the left deranged…This Green Party politician wants a curfew for men after 6pm at night. A better case for reform of the House of Lords has never been seen. ” wrote Nigel Farage, the former leader of UK Independence Party (UKIP).

“OMG the world is going mad. The greens are thinking about a curfew for men after 6pm at night – I’ve heard it all now,” tweeted Susan Hall, the Conservative leader in the London Assembly:

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