United Nations Calls for Worldwide Comprehensive Reparations for ‘Slavery, Colonial Rule and Racism’

Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights called for a transformative approach to address the “roots of centuries of mistreatment faced by Africans and people of African descent, notably from the transatlantic slave trade.”

“There is today a momentous opportunity to achieve a turning point for racial equality and justice,” the Associate Press reported on UN report.


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The report aims to speed up action by countries to end racial injustice; end impunity for rights violations by police; ensure that people of African descent and those who speak out against racism are heard; and face up to past wrongs through accountability and redress.

“I am calling on all states to stop denying — and start dismantling — racism; to end impunity and build trust; to listen to the voices of people of African descent; and to confront past legacies and deliver redress,” Bachelet said in a video statement.


The report called on countries to “make amends for centuries of violence and discrimination” such as through “formal acknowledgment and apologies, truth-telling processes and reparations in various forms.”

Last month, Bachelet lauded the role that “Black Live Matter” played in United States to increase awareness on causes of racism and said that BLM should receive public funding and support.

“The Black Lives Matter movement and other civil society groups led by people of African descent have provided grassroots leadership through listening to communities,” Bachelet said. “They are also providing people with the necessary agency and empowerment that enables them to claim their human rights. Such efforts should receive funding, public recognition and support.”

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