USA Today CENSORS Girl’s Op-ed About Having to Race Trans Athletes

As the debate over transgender athletes competing in girls sports rages on, one young woman has become the center of the controversy.

Chelsea Mitchell, an award-winning runner from Connecticut’s Canton High School, called out controversial rules allowing trans girls to compete against and take victories from regular girls because of their obvious genetic and physiological advantages.

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“The CIAC allows transgender athletes to compete in girls’ and women’s sports,” Mitchell wrote. “As a result, two transgender athletes began racing in girls’ track in 2017. In the 2017, 2018, and 2019 seasons alone, these runners took 15 women’s state track championship titles (titles held in 2016 by nine different girls) and more than 85 opportunities to participate in higher level competitions that belonged to female track athletes. Their bodies are simply bigger and stronger on average. It’s obvious to other girls on the track.”

Mitchell went on:

But besides the psychological toll of experiencing unfair losses over and over, the CIAC’s policy has more tangible harms for women. It robs girls of the chance to race in front of college scouts who show up for elite metes, and to compete for the scholarships and opportunities that come with college recruitment. I’ll never know how my own college recruitment was impacted by losing those four state championship titles. When colleges looked at my record, they didn’t see the fastest girl in Connecticut. They saw a second- or third-place runner.

However, USA Today added a note that sparked outrage on the right.

“Editor’s note: This column has been updated to reflect USA TODAY’s standards and style guidelines. We regret that hurtful language was used,” the news outlet wrote at the top of the article.

USA Today was lambasted on Twitter for actually changing Mitchell’s words to fit tyrannical language requirements demanded by the far left.

“This is the second incident I’ve heard of where leftist propaganda outlets such as USA Today have altered words post-publication from conservative groups whose politics they oppose,” wrote Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway. “Garbage.”

Mitchell has a leal challenge that lost in federal court but will be appealed.

“It’s discouraging that the federal district court has decided that these experiences — these lost opportunities — simply don’t matter,” she wrote. “But I’m not beaten yet. And neither are my fellow female athletes.”

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