Was Eric Swalwell Compromised By Relationship with Chinese Spy Fang Fang?

Representative Eric Swalwell is coming under increased fire for his position on the House Intelligence Committee amid questions about his relationship with a woman named Fang Fang, whom the FBI believed to be a Chinese spy.

On Wednesday evening, Tucker Carlson dug into the issue on his program with Alex Marlow of Breitbart News, asking whether it was appropriate that Swalwell still hold his Committee position.

“The House Intelligence Committee has a man called Eric Swalwell. He’s a member of Congress from the Bay Area who we know has had sex with a Chinese spy called Fang Fang, and yet he remains on the intel committee,” said Carlson on Fox.

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“It turns out, according to the reporting from Breitbart News, that there is a classified report that describes in some detail, apparently Eric Swallow’s relationship with that Chinese spy, but it remains classified. The Biden administration won’t reveal it.”

Tucker Carlson: “So Eric Swalwell had sex with a Chinese spy. That’s not just speculation that is known. And apparently the US intel agencies know it. Now, he’s supposed to oversee them, but they have a classified report on him. Where does this leave us?”

Alex Marlow: Breitbart News broke a story, what are pretty explosive details about not just Swalwell sex life, but the way our House Intelligence Committee is actually compromised? Now, we knew Fang Fang was infiltrating operations within the United States, various offices and having relationships with up and coming politicians before she abruptly left the country a few years ago. And we knew she had an intimate relationship with Swalwell. We just didn’t know the extent to which it was intimate. Well, now, apparently we do, according to this report, which as of now Swalwell hasn’t denied, Tucker, this is deep penetration inside this wall operation by the Chinese government.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah, I would I would say that. And by the way, we asked directly asked Congressman Swalwell to come on and comment on this. It sets up a very, I think, uncomfortable and bad dynamic if I’m your boss. But you have information on my weird sexual proclivities. I’m not really your boss anymore. You have power over me. And that’s kind of what it looks like here. The Intel world knows the details of squabbles, sexual relationship with the Chinese spy, but he’s supposed to be overseeing them like that is not the way it’s supposed to work, is it?

Alex Marlow: Is it the Russian word for that kompromat? I remember that from a couple of years back. Yes. And as far as we know, the only reason to keep this report a secret, to keep it classified is to protect Eric Swalwell feelings or maybe to save face for Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, that the chair of the committee who’s covered for Swalwell this entire time. There’s not a joke, Tucker. This is a deeply compromised individual, and we don’t know the extent to which he’s been compromised or if there are other spies out there.

Tucker Carlson: Are there other members of the Intel Committee who’ve had sex with Chinese spies, or do we believe it’s only Eric Swalwell?

Alex Marlow: That’s the question. How would we know? Because they won’t come clean with us in terms of who is on these committees and how much detail is known not just by our own intelligence agencies, by the way, who sort of stumbled upon this story. But how much information do people like Fang Fang knows, known communist spies? How about our congresspeople?

Tucker Carlson: I agree with that completely. The administration should declassify this immediately, I think, to restore our faith in the system, which is rapidly ebbing.

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