Washington Post Blames Harris, Biden For Border Fiasco

Vice President Kamala Harris has repeatedly taken criticism for her mishandling of the southern border crisis.

Nonetheless, she has attempted to ‘punt’ on the issue.

It may be catching up with her.

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Now, even the far-left Washington Post has taken issue with the administration’s handling of the border, calling Harris’ handling a “failure” and blaming both for mishandling the issue this year.

According to the paper:

“In its apparent desperation to fashion an immigration strategy that will impose order on increasingly out-of-control migration, the Biden administration has unleashed a torrent of words and goals untethered to specific policies and timetables. Officials have effectively reversed and rolled back some of the Trump administration’s most pernicious policies, but without a clear road map to address the immediate crisis — a decades-high surge in illegal border-crossing — or the long-term challenge driving migration: dysfunction, disorder and decay in Central America.”

The publication pointed out the “politically toxic” handling is hurting Democrats’ poll numbers as well. They wrote:

“Alarmed by the numbers, the administration infuriated immigration advocates by announcing it would retain a Trump-era public health measure, originally justified on grounds of the pandemic, that blocks migrant families from seeking asylum at the southern border. Yet that measure, known as Title 42, has proved increasingly ineffective as a deterrent. Even while knowing they may be expelled without an asylum hearing, migrants often attempt to cross the border again and again.”

The situation at the border has grown increasingly worse, with more than a million people illegally entering the country so far this year.

All this has led a former U.S. ICE official Thomas Feeley to say the U.S. is “pretty much screwed.”

“I had a case who the guy was a convicted arsonist and they called me and said, ‘Hey, Mr. Feeley. One of our criteria is if the guy hasn’t been arrested in the past 10 years we need to let them go and we’d like you to release them,'” he told Fox News. “‘And I said, ‘I totally get what you’re saying, but… he’s been in prison for 12 years. That’s why he hasn’t been arrested.’ And the answer I got was, ‘We don’t really care,’” he said. “And I had to cut him loose.”



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