Watch: Florida Man Fights Alligator On His Lawn – Traps It In Trash Can

Video of a Florida man went viral after he was seen catching an alligator in his back yard with a trash can.

The man in question is Abdul Gene Malik, a Mount Dora resident and an army veteran.

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Malik approached the alligator with the trash can open, and edged towards it. As the alligator entered the trash can, he closed the lid, trapping the animal inside.

“I got kids to protect,” said Malik in the video.

The video quickly went viral on social media, with users impressed with the man’s skill in dealing with the animal.

Many users pointed out the similarity between the incident and the “Florida Man” meme. The meme includes a collection of real headlines that read “Florida Man” followed by a bizarre incident.

This includes real stories like “Florida Man Tried to Pay for McDonald’s With Weed,” “Florida Man Intentionally Locks Keys in Car So Cops Can’t Search It,” “Guards Let Florida Man Vape in Prison Because He Helped Them With Their Taxes.”

The headlines are meant to be humorously read as if they were about the same person; a “superhero” Florida Man.

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