WATCH: Horror, Chaos, and Violence In Kabul As U.S. Forces Leave

There was total chaos and violence in Kabul, Afghanistan on Monday amid the departure of U.S. and allied forces after two decades of occupation.

With the Taliban rapidly taking over the country, the only part not yet fully under Taliban control is a small strip of land around the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. The American military is trying to assist American personnel as they leave the country but, the situation is increasingly becoming untenable.

On Monday, as thousands descended on the airport in a desperate attempt to escape, the Wall Street Journal reported that three people were killed just outside the terminal. Three bodies were said to have been the victims of gunfire.

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Meanwhile, the paper also reports that U.S. troops shot and killed at least two men who approached U.S. troops deployed to the airport to assist Americans with leaving the country. The journal cited a U.S. official as its source.

Now, thousands of Afghans are rushing the airport in an effort to flee the country, before the Taliban take over completely. The panic was exacerbated as the Afghan president Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

Some, out of sheer desperation, were seen clinging to the landing gear of the departing aircraft.

The chaotic scenes drew parallels with the U.S. hasty withdrawal from Saigon, Vietnam, as the communist guerrillas were taking over.

U.S. troops were forced to fire shots of live ammunition in the air to make the crowds disperse. It didn’t work.

Crowds made it impossible for the U.S. military to ensure safe takeoffs from the airport. Videos surfaced of an Apache aircraft clearing the runway.


Many Afghans, especially those that worked with U.S. and allied forces, fear retribution by the Taliban.

As the planes departed, cameras recorded the tragic footage of people that clung to landing gear falling from the sky.

President Biden is being criticized for the sudden and poorly planned withdrawal.

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