Watch Joe Biden Fall Asleep At The G20 Summit

A new video appearing to show President Joe Biden falling asleep during a meeting with world leaders has gone viral.


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— Benny (@bennyjohnson) November 1, 2021


Biden came under fire earlier this year for appearing to fall asleep while meeting with the prime minister of Israel.

Biden fell into a similar controversy earlier this year when he appeared to check his watch during the transfer ceremony for troops killed in Afghanistan.

Of course, that moment drew scorn as well for the president, who has endured questions about his age and mental fitness.

“Honestly had to rewind the last bit of coverage several times to see if what I saw was what I saw. ??? Biden checking his watch at this solemn ceremony as if it was taking too long…..” Don Morellis said on Twitter. “Am I the only one who saw this?”

Fact checkers later defended Biden, saying he did not fall asleep. While Biden did not pass out for several minutes and did respond to the prime minister, he does appear to doze off and reawaken moments later. It’s almost certain his eyes were closed in exhaustion, certainly not a good look for the president.

In the video, Biden appears to doze off at the international G20 summit, where the U.S. is expected to project strength and competence on the world stage.

Biden’s sleepy moment drew criticism online.

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