Watch: Looting and Rioting Erupts in Minnesota

Protests and riots erupted in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, after the fatal shooting of a 20-year old Black man at a traffic stop Sunday afternoon.
Police deployed tear gas and flash-band grenades Sunday evening in an attempt to disband the growing number of protestors gathering outside the Brooklyn Center Police department as looters took advantage of the situation to loot stores in the community.
The National Guard was deployed and a curfew enacted. The riots followed word that 20-year old Daunte Wright was said to have been killed by police just ten miles from where George Floyd was killed. Police have not specified whether Wright was armed but, in a statement, they did say he had an outstanding warrant:

Wright’s family said he died after being shot by police before getting back into his car and driving away. Wright crashed several blocks away and his family said he was later pronounced dead.
News of the death sparked riots well into the early Monday morning hours. Rioters in the Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis suburb were filmed smashing cars, including police cars.

Meanwhile, small businesses were targeted by looters as rioters smashed windows and stole from an auto repair shop and other retailers.

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Looters also targeted a local GameStop.

In the video below, journalist Andy Ngo reports that a group of people appear to be singing and dancing outside a location where looting occurred.

The police struggled to maintain order. In the video below, police shoot a rioter with a non-lethal weapon as he was apparently attempting to hit them with a piece of concrete.

Brooklyn Center Police issued a statement stating that the driver was stopped for a traffic violation. According to the police statement, the driver had a warrant on him. When the police officers tried to take him into custody, he went back into the car. As he was driving away, he was shot by one police officer. There was another person in the car, a female passenger.

The protests came just hours before the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged with the murder of George Floyd is set to resume in a courtroom Monday.
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