Watch: MSNBC’s Joy Reid’s Bizarre Rant On Kyle Rittenhouse And ‘White Male Tears’

MSNBC’s host Joy Reid has drawn new outrage after comparing the Kyle Rittenhouse trial to the 2018 Brett Kavanaugh hearings–arguing that both men were the beneficiaries of “white male tears.”

Reid opened her TikTok rant by saying that the Rittenhouse trial reminded “a lot of people” of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearing.

Kyle Rittenhouse, age 18, is on trial for the shootings of three people during riots at the Kenosha protest last year.

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“In America, there’s a thing about both white vigilantism and white tears, particularly male white tears. Really, white tears in general,” she said.

“That’s what Karens are, right? They Karen out, and as soon as they get called out they bring waterworks” she continued, referencing a meme that makes fun of suburban white women.

“White men can get away with that too,” she added.

“Even as the right tries to politicize the idea that masculinity is being robbed by multiculturalism and woke-ism, they still want to have their tears,” she said.

Rittenhouse claims that the men assaulted him and threatened his life. Two of the alleged assailants died on the spot. He was 17 at the time of the incident and this past week cried on the stand while testifying in his own defense.

Both Rittenhouse and Kavanaugh teared up during their testimonies, something Reid pointed out.

“Kavanaugh… cried his way through the hearings,” Reid said, adding that “his tears turned out to be more powerful than the tears of Christine Blasey Ford, the tears of an alleged victim.”

Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her in high school, in the 1980s. The allegations surfaced during his supreme court nomination. He was ultimately confirmed as a justice to the Supreme Court.


‘We Need CRT In This Country’

This was not the first time Reid spoke about the trial. Last week, she read out the names of the “victims” shot by Rittenhouse on her MSNBC program.

“These are the victims, not the person who was crying on the stand today,” she said.

Curiously, she closed her segment with “we need critical race theory in this country.”


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