Watch: Rampant Looting, Total Chaos As Riots Engulf South Africa

The death toll from riots that began over the weekend in South Africa rose to 45 on Tuesday.

Protests have broken out amid the jailing of former South Africa president, Jacob Zuma. President Cyril Ramaphosa has mobilized the army — sending out 2,500 South African soldiers in an effort to stop the rampant looting — but, nonetheless, the violence has continued.

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Some 800 people were arrested. According to the New York Times “the unrest” lead to tens of millions of dollars in damage.

Police reportedly used rubber bullets against the looters. This video shows some of the aftermath of the looting.

Thus far, the rampant looting has thus far proven too difficult for the police to control. The following video shows multiple persons trying to dismantle a metal fence protecting a mobile phone store:

According to local news, crowds in Johannesburg were looting everything there is to loot, including furniture.

The crowds set fires to police buildings, malls, even a hospital.


The poor were not the only people that participated in the looting. This video apparently shows a looter driving away in a Mercedes:



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