Where are the Women? Leading Dem Female Politicians Silent on Cuomo

Where are the leading Democrat women on the issue of Andrew Cuomo and the harassment allegations leveled against the New York Governor?

Sadly, politics seems to matter more than gender issues for of these most partisan players. They talk a good game when it comes to issues of sexual harassment, however, only when it seems to serve a political purpose.

Despite serious accusations from a former Cuomo staffer, we have heard nothing from the likes of powerful political women on the left including Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Kristen Gillibrand, nor even former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton condemning his actions.

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Perhaps they’re waiting to see if the allegations are true. That’s fair and I understand and respect that – however, if the tables were turned and this was a conservative governor who’s behavior was in question? I think we all know what these same political figures would have to say about the allegations.

It’s time women put the politics aside — at least when it comes to the issue women ourselves.

I will say this: kudos to Biden press person Jen Psaki for at least admitting that it is an issue that deserves attention. Although, she’s dealing with some other challenges at this moment.

Sometimes, it’s important to give politics a rest.


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