White House: Biden To Run For President Again in 2024

Neither plummeting polls–nor an increase in age–will hold President Joe Biden back from running again in 2024.¬†According to the White House, Biden intends to run for office again.

When asked Monday if she could confirm whether Biden intended to run for re-election in 2024, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters, “Yes, that is his intention.”

Biden, who just celebrated his 79th birthday over the weekend would be 82 by the time of a second term.

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Recent polls have indicated that Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with the President.

His approval rating has plunged to one of the lowest levels in modern history while a whopping 72% of American voters, according to a CNN poll, do not think the President is focused on the right issues. Increasing inflation has become one of Americans’ biggest worries and many voters have grown pessimistic on the future as a result.

The Former Treasury Secretary to Bill Clinton, Larry Summers, recently said that if Biden did not get inflation under control, Donald Trump could win the Oval Office again. Trump would be 78 in 2024.

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