White House Cites Jan. 6 in New Domestic Counter-Terrorism Plan

President Joe Biden unveiled a new domestic terrorism plan Tuesday.

The “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism” requires a 100-day review of all domestic terrorism policies. Conservatives may be skeptical, but for now the Biden administration promised to focus not on ideology and even acknowledged the act of terrorism against Republican Whip Steve Scalise, R-La, who was shot by a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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“You’ll notice, in the document, that when we list some of the recent incidents that speak to the elevated threat level, that they come across the political spectrum,” a senior administration official said.

“We acknowledge the shooting at the Congressional baseball game, the attack on police officers in Dallas, just as we acknowledge the attack in Charlottesville and the attack on the Capitol on January 6th. So, it’s not motivating politics or ideology that matters for us or, more importantly, for the strategy and implementation; it’s when political grievances become acts of violence. And we remain laser-focused on that, and that’s how we’ll continue,” the official continued.

Biden touted the plan.

“This is a project that should unite all Americans,’ Biden said. “Together we must affirm that domestic terrorism has no place in our society. We must work to root out the hatreds that can too often drive violence. And we must recommit to defending and protecting our basic freedoms, which belong to all Americans in equal measure, and which are not only the foundation of our democracy – they are our enduring advantage in the world.”

A senior administration official cited the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6 in discussions of the new terrorism plan:

That, of course, can’t wait for the process of ensuring that we get additional resources, recruiting and training individuals; that is already happening. And, of course, you see manifestations of that, including in the pretty extraordinary pace and scope of work done by investigators and prosecutors in the wake of the January 6 events.

But the sense that this threat is going to remain persistent, that we will continue to step up and augment our efforts to address it, I think is captured, in part, by that budget request, by the strategy, and by the desire to ensure that FBI — as well as broader DOJ and DHS, among others — have the personnel and resources they need to tackle this threat specifically, even while addressing international terrorism and all the other threats they’re charged with protecting Americans from.

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