Why Trump Can Win: His Opponent Is NOT Biden, It’s the MAINSTREAM MEDIA

Perhaps there was a method to the Dem party’s madness; they chose Joe Biden so they could avoid having such a polarizing candidate. Biden doesn’t have quite the personality to compete against the likes of Donald Trump…but, then again, he’s not nearly as disliked by the American public as Hillary. Nor is he as polarizing as Trump.

So, Democrats might have figured they had a winner. Just keep him secluded enough so he didn’t manage to overdo the gaffes, and all’s well that ends well.

Or, is it?

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You see, I don’t believe the Democrats counted on this: many Americans, no longer see Biden as the one that Trump is up against. Instead, he’s running against the media. And, let’s be honest, NO ONE likes the media.

We’ve hardly heard from Joe! He’s called a “lid” on his campaign so often. He’s failed to articulate his policies (won’t tell us his stance on “packing the court,” won’t talk about his economic policy, etc.) and, consequently, we’re left with very little impression of him other than he seems to be the left’s high-tax alternative to the status quo.

As such, the MEDIA has effectively become the REAL opponent that Donald Trump is fighting. Every time I open my phone, I see more and more negative headlines. Enough, already! We ALL see through it.

The reality is, as we watch this race tighten and the country’s economic numbers grow better, it’s clear–America has a choice. And, it’s not Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden.

It’s Donald Trump vs the media. And, like Hillary, the media is a beatable candidate.

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