Winsome Sears Destroys CNN’s Stand On CRT Curriculum in Virginia

Virginia Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears pushed back on CNN’s host Dana Bash statement that critical race theory (CRT) was not part of Virginia schools curriculum.

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“I beg to differ that CRT is not taught, [in Virginia schools]” Sears replied to Bash’s statement on CRT.

No, no, no, no. It is part of the curriculum. It’s weaved in and out of the curriculum,” continued Sears. “So, you know, it’s semantics.”

“What Governor elect Youngkin has said is that all of history must be taught the good, the bad and the ugly,” continued Sears. “Because what we learn from history data is that we don’t learn from history and we continue to repeat the same mistakes.”

My God, when did education become a bad word among black people? Questioned Sears.

“No, we are going to have a good education system. It’s going to it’s going to represent all people, and I’m going to help see that through because education lifted my father out of poverty when he came to America with only a dollar. Five education lifted me because I have to find my own way in this world and education will lift all of us.”




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