WSJ Blasts Dems For Protecting Fauci As Criminal Referral Unfolds

Republican Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci have been feuding for months over COVID, it’s cause, and the U.S. response.

Now, Democrats are taking fresh fire for not questioning Fauci now that more incriminating evidence has come forth.

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“No one should expect the Chinese Communist Party to cooperate with a real inquiry into the origins of Covid-19,” the WSJ Board wrote. “More disappointing is the lack of candor from American scientists and officials whose conflicts of interest deserve more scrutiny.”

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board blasted Democrats for blindly supporting Fauci even after new revelations showed he was not quite the hero the media propped him up to be.

“Democrats and much of the media will avoid the topic because Mr. Paul and the populist right have taken up this cause,” the WSJ Board wrote. “Such group think is what prevented the lab-leak theory from being treated seriously for more than a year. Making the same mistake twice is inexcusable.”

On Monday, Sen. Paul sent a criminal referral for Fauci. In an interview with WBKO, he explained much of the reasoning:

I think he has self-interest and not being attached to this research, because more and more of the evidence is pointing towards the virus having come out of that lab, if it did, you can see how moral responsibility or culpability attaches to Dr. Fauci because he had the poor judgment to fund this lab. So I think it was a mistake to fund the lab in Wuhan period, because I don’t think the Chinese government or military has been very forthcoming.

There are reports that the Chinese military has actually been working on weaponizing viruses. So I think it was a poor judgment. Even as much as a month ago, Dr. Fauci was asking the Judiciary Committee whether he still trusted the scientists and the Chinese scientists. And he says, Oh, of course, he was also asked in 2012, if a bug should escape, if a virus should infect a researcher, escape and become a pandemic, what then? And he said, Well, the science and the research is worth it, even if a pandemic should occur. So this to me shows incredibly poor judgment, not wisdom, poor judgment. And really, there’s a possibility we are suffering from his poor judgment.

This research still goes on in the United States, we should want to know, you know if the NIH is still funding this type of research in North Carolina? And in Galveston, do we want this to occur? Are we worried that we could have the worst virus leak out of the lab? So these are important questions, and instead of really answering any of the direct questions I had, it became sort of an ad hominem attack with him simply calling names.

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