WSJ: Democrats Are In Trouble

Newly released polling data from the Wall Street Journal shows that Democrats are in trouble come November.


From WSJ:

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The new survey showed that 57% of voters remained unhappy with Mr. Biden’s job performance, despite favorable marks for the president’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and a recent State of the Union speech, which provided him an opportunity to directly speak to millions of Americans. Just 42% said they approved of Mr. Biden’s performance in office, which was virtually unchanged from the previous Journal poll in mid-November.

Meanwhile, Democratic advantages narrowed over Republicans on issues related to improving education and the Covid-19 response. A 16-percentage-point Democratic edge on which party would best handle the pandemic was down to 11 points, while a 9-percentage-point lead on education issues was down to 5 points.

Meanwhile, the poll found Americans are far more trusting of Republicans when it comes to the economy.

Another recent poll indicates that President Biden’s policies aren’t working for most Americans. 70% are concerned or extremely concerned about the Biden economy while 55% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the border.

The National Republicans’ Congressional Committee, which helps Republicans get elected, conducts regular internal polling to find out what voters care about and how to message for Republicans as they head into the next election cycle.

The NRCC released a memo detailing the results. From the memo:

  • As inflation fears rise and President Biden’s ratings on the economy slide, Battleground Congressional District voters are putting more trust in Republicans in Congress to deal with these economic issues than Democrats. Seven out of ten voters in battleground districts express high levels of concern about rising prices and the higher cost of living (70% extremely or very concerned). Voters are four times as likely to blame the President and Congressional Democrats (combined 42%) than they are Congressional Republicans (10%) for rising prices and the higher cost of living.
  • The border crisis is a major concern for voters and Republicans have a significant lead on this issue. President Biden’s job approval rating on this issue remains dismal (38% approve – 55% disapprove). In fact, 43% of all voters in these districts strongly disapprove of Biden’s handling of the issue (only 13% strongly approve). Voters say Republicans in Congress are better able to deal with the issue of border security than their Democratic counterparts (49% GOP – 39% DEM).
  • Voters say crime rates are on the rise and fewer voters believe Democrats are equipped to deal with it. Nearly three-fourths of Battleground District voters (73%) say the country’s crime rate has increased and close to half (43%) say the crime rate in their own communities has increased recently. Voters in battleground districts trust Republicans over Democrats in Congress to deal with crime and public safety (45% GOP – 42% DEM).

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